El Cotillo

Cafeterias Fuerteventura: French Bakery & Pastries - El Goloso de Cotillo - El Cotillo.


Cafeteria El Goloso - French bakery & pastry shop + cafetería & meeting place.

El-Goloso-Logo-Cotillo-ScanCafeteria "El Goloso de Cotillo" is located at the north of the village. It is a famous local French pastry and bakery shop with cafeteria that also has a cafeteria in Lajares. Both of them became a highly frequented spot for locals and tourists to enjoy sweets and to meet with friends.


Open: 08-14:30 & 16:30-19h
Tel.: 0034
El Goloso de Cotillo - Esq. C/ Pedro Cabrera Saavedra - C/ Leon y Castillo