Actividades - Observación de estrellas : Stars by Night - Fuerteventura.


Stars by Night: Observación de estrellas en el cielo de tono negro de Fuerteventura.


Stars by Night ofrece uno de esos eventos inolvidables en Fuerteventura: mirar las estrellas en un cielo completamente negro y disfrutar de la impresionante vista de nuestra galaxia. Si hay algo en Fuerteventura que sin duda puede ofrecer a sus hijos, es la impresionante vista de la Vía Láctea y mirando a las estrellas distantes con un telescopio. En ciertos momentos incluso se pueden ver estrellas fugaces!

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Fuerteventura has a spectacular starry night sky. If you have the spirit to venture away from the town into the unpolluted darkness, you will be rewarded with a stunning natural light display. The skies above this beautiful island are amongst the best in Europe for observing the stars and the cosmos.

Stars by Night offers you the chance to get up close and personal with our Universe. We offer stargazing observations, with telescope, astronomy courses and astrophotography workshops, on the island of Fuerteventura. Here is a look at what you will be able to see in the skies throughout 2013.

During February, Mercury will be far enough away from the glare of the sun to be visible on the horizon, just after sunset. The comet, PANSTARRS should be visible low in the west-northwest sky shortly after sunset on the evening of March 12. Jupiter, with its majestic enormity, is always visible in the Northern hemisphere, however, towards the end of May, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will provide a fascinating show low in the west-northwest twilight sky soon after sunset. They will seemingly shuffle around each other, changing their positions noticeably from one evening to the next. Saturn will be at it's closest to the earth in the spring, but you will still need a telescope to observe it and its dust filled rings. At the end of the Year, throughout December, Venus, the brightest of all our planets will put on a spectacular show. Venus won't be as bright an "evening star" again until 2021. ISON, another comet, should be visible in the morning and evening sky from mid November, through to December. ISON could become one of the most watched comets of all time. It was only discovered last year by two amateur astronomers but will become very well placed for viewing in the morning and evening sky. On many nights throughout the year we can experience the breathtaking views of the Milky Way and the fantastic displays of shooting stars.

Observations in the Caleta de Fuste area are on Tuesdays and in the Corralejo area on Thursdays. Transport and a taste of delicious Canaraian tapas are included.

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