Adapted Surf lessons by licensed specialists:

- Adapted surfing is aimed at children and adults with motor, mental or social disabilities.
- Based on the disability, age and life experiences of the participant, we tailor make the classes.
- Classes are available for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels.
- Classes are given individually or in groups.


Association "Bridge in Fuerteventura".

bridge-logoBridge courses and matches are being held in the new bar "Summer Bees" in Parque Holandés. Raúl Reynoso, an experienced Bridge player and teacher who won several prizes has started this initiative on Fuerteventura.


Stars by Night: Stargazing at the pitch black skies of Fuerteventura.

starsbynight-webStars by Night offers one of those unforgettable events on Fuerteventura: watching stars on a pitch black sky and enjoying the amazing view of our galaxy. If there is anything on Fuerteventura that you definately could offer to your kids, it is the breathtaking view of our Milky Way and looking at distant stars with a telescope. At certain times you even may be watching shooting stars!
Astronomy courses are given at regular intervals.