Bistro & Live Music Bar Coyote: Cocktails and Music with a Sea View - in El Cotillo.

coyoteintropicwebIn "Coyote Bar" at the old harbour of El Cotillo you will be served delicious Hamburgers, a speciality of the house. Splendid sea views and relaxing music. The owner - Axel - plays acoustic guitar.


Cafeteria El Goloso - French bakery & pastry shop + cafetería & meeting place.

El-Goloso-Logo-Cotillo-ScanCafeteria "El Goloso de Cotillo" is located at the north of the village. It is a famous local French pastry and bakery shop with cafeteria that also has a cafeteria in Lajares. Both of them became a highly frequented spot for locals and tourists to enjoy sweets and to meet with friends.


Cafeteria La Puntilla - Home-made ice cream at the beach of El Cotillo.

la-puntilla-ps-cut-webIce cream shop "La Puntilla" has very tasty home-made ice cream and frozen yoghourt. The ice cream shop is at a walking distance from the hotel complex "Cotillo Beach" to the old harbour and it faces the sea. Can you imagine yourself to stroll around in the sun with a freshly made ice cream... isn't that what they call "holiday"?