Excursion Jet Ski Safari - Speed, Fun & Snorkeling around Lobos Island - in Corralejo.

K800 JetSki Logo cut DistOffer yourself and your family/friends some safe excitement: Jet Ski Safari plus snorkeling at Lobos Island! Speed up and discover the waterworld of tranquil Lobos, that once has been visited by the Romans!
Booking: +34 666 141 566


Excursion Corralejo Fishing & Boat Charter: Deep Sea Fishing or a Water Taxi to Lobos island - in Corralejo.

K800 corralejo charter fishing logo DistFishing: Take on the challenge with nature! Try to catch the biggest fish of the day! Sense the moments of peace you can only experience on a boat in tranquil waters. Relax and enjoy the splendid views of Fuerteventura.
2 Daily trips: 8am-1pm & 2pm-7pm

Lobos: Take an original and exciting way to visit Lobos Island: your Water Taxi!
1 Daily trip: To 7.30am – Return 6:30pm


Excursion Guize Tours: discover Fuerteventura how you would like it and at your own pace.
guizelogowebYou will discover the charm of the island of Fuerteventura, formerly known as Herbani. We will travel to the northern lands to the kingdom of Guize, the last king of Fuerteventura. We will travel through stunning scenery and make contact with the history and the culture of the island.

Contact & Direct Booking: +34 664 426 506


Lisbet Fernández Ramos - Sculptures: "Caminos" - a way to represent our choices and development in life - Jandía..

lisbetintroLisbet Fernandez: "Caminos" (2007):

Group of sculptures made up by 30 children made of clay looking at the sky.

The children represent the starting point of human growth, in which each

child starts his/her own way in order to evolve towards the highest in life, like plants go towards the light.

The work is complemented by the roundabout space as the oriental Y in Yang symbol which is the stage where all the human evolution takes place in his/her universe.


Here are the Ferry time tables for Fuerteventura - Lanzarote and Lanzarote - Fuerteventura:

195649_1089216711_4062307_qFRED OLSEN.

Fue ==> Lan: Mon - Fri: 07.45 / 09 / 12 / 15 / 17 / 19 + Sat&Sun: 09 / 11 / 15 / 17 / 19

Lan ==> Fue: Mon - Fri: 07.10 / 08.30 / 10 / 14 / 16 / 18 + Sat&Sun: 08.30 / 10 / 14 / 16 / 18


Fue ==> Lan: Mon - Sat: 08 / 10 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 + Sun: 08 / 10 / 16 / 18 / 20

Lan ==> Fue: Mon - Sat: 07 / 09 / 11 / 15 / 17 / 19 + Sun: 07 / 09 / 11 / 17 / 19


Aerodrome El Jarde - aviation club and flight excursion centre.

DSCF3888Aridane has 2 ultra light planes, a fragile-looking, but sturdy red plane where you almost sit outside and the “Coyote”, also a two-seater but where you are sitting in a real cabin. Flying in those machines really is an extraor­dinary experience with breathtaking and exclusive views of Fuerteventura. Unforgettable! Whilst you are here on holiday, why not offering your self such a treat?


Granja La Villa - New goat cheese factory with ancient recipes.

Logo---La-Villa---1---cutGranja La Villa is a cheese dairy of a long family tradition that has managed to combine wide modern facilities with the excellence and tradition of Fuerteventura's farmhouse cheese. Cheese produced in their facilities maintains the traditional flavour of Majorero goat cheese in several varieties: fresh, semi-cured, cured or Gran Reserva, rubbed with gofio, paprika or oil; keeping the hygienic-sanitary conditions throughout the whole production process. The factory can be visited without previous notice. Cheese is for sale at the local shop.