Excursion Guize Tours: discover Fuerteventura how you would like it and at your own pace.
guizelogowebYou will discover the charm of the island of Fuerteventura, formerly known as Herbani. We will travel to the northern lands to the kingdom of Guize, the last king of Fuerteventura. We will travel through stunning scenery and make contact with the history and the culture of the island.

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Lisbet Fernández Ramos - Sculptures: "Caminos" - a way to represent our choices and development in life - Jandía..

lisbetintroLisbet Fernandez: "Caminos" (2007):

Group of sculptures made up by 30 children made of clay looking at the sky.

The children represent the starting point of human growth, in which each

child starts his/her own way in order to evolve towards the highest in life, like plants go towards the light.

The work is complemented by the roundabout space as the oriental Y in Yang symbol which is the stage where all the human evolution takes place in his/her universe.