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Fuerteventura - the solar radiation here is 5 times stronger than at home (Central Europe), and you are exposed to these rays at least 4 hours longer daily. All the more important: a good filter lotion. It filters the sunrays & promotes a beautifully tanned skin. Additionally: an Aloe Vera Skin Conditioner & Hydrator. Aloe Vera must be the first ingredient listed; it heals the skin & reduces redness overnight.
SUNCARE Lotions: specifically developed for this climate, with 100% natural & organic ingredients based on Aloe Vera.
For your personal tanning program and sun protection questions, please contact your SUNCARE consultant.


Euphoria: Spiritual Consulting - Horoscope, Tarot, Astrology, Lenormand, Symbolon in Costa Calma.

euphoria3-webWhat is Spiritual Consulting / Astrology?

I show with Lenormand, Tarot, Symbolon or your Horoscope some answers to your questions about Love, Health, Profession or other personal topics. If you want to change your life in a positive way or want to realise your strongest wishes, I can help you with the Power of Thoughts (Law of Attraction). I can consult you in matters where you are looking for new opinions or solutions to handle problems or conflicts. Meditation and Energy work will allow you to loosen up blockades, reduce stress, activate your healing power or generate more strength. A horoscope shows your sense of life, your mission, habits, projections as well as your search for a partner.

Consultation also possible via telephone (Germany), E-Mail, Whatssapp.


Martina Mikoleizig-Tatsch - Medium and Healing: Body and Mental Healing in Costa Calma.

With Love for Life. Health and Wellness Centre.

tatsch4Martina Mikoleizig-Tatsch, who was active as a business development trainer for many years, had a near-death experience. After this event she received, albeit unwanted in the beginning, the gift of healing – amongst other gifts. Her standard daily life changed into an internationally recognised activity as a medium and a healer. Over the years Martina has followed further education in healing practices and communication as a medium. She regularly holds seminars, courses, presentations and trains healers, numerologists, and family managers. Recently, she wrote a book "Mit Liebe zum Leben" (*).

Her objective is to apply healing as an addition to the classic medicine. Martina is now using her broad experience from her centre in Germany in her newly opened centre in Costa Calma.