Kebab King - Döner & Kebab House: fresh and healthy products for a tasty snack or a full dinner - in Jandía.

BIS06-KEBAB-KING-cut-webBernd, the owner of Kebab King in Jandia, is proud to offer high-quality Döners and Kebabs, based on fresh ingredients. You can chose from many plates, based on chicken or vegetarian. Now also "Rock Bar" and "Lounge" facilities.


Steakhouse & Grill Stetson: a gourmet temple for succulent steak & meat dishes in Jandia.

LogoThe Steakhouse Stetson in Jandía has developed itself over 10 years in Fuerteventura into a gourmet restaurant for meat lovers. We do not have a bit of everything, but what we have is 100% quality and quantity around the meat. One of our specialities are Spare Rib's with homemade BBQ sauce. These are served in all variations. We also have steaks in other taste combinations.