• Tomates
  • Queso Majorero
    Queso Majorero
  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera
  • pescado
    Pescado a la sal
  • Papas arrugadas
    Papas arrugadas
  • Salsa Mojo
    Salsa Mojo
  • Tapas
  • Gofio
    Mousse de Gofio
  • Aceite de oliva
    Aceite de oliva

Tomatoes from this island are considered to among the most flavoursome in Europe and used in many renowned restaurants on the continent.

Queso Majorero is an absolute must to try. There are 3 major classifications: “Tierno” (soft), “Semi-curado” (medium-aged) and “Curado” (aged). There are also variations with peppers, Gofio, oil, etc.

Aloe Vera from Fuerteventura is one of the best of its kind. Fuerteventura offers the best conditions for the cultivation of Aloe Vera. Look for local products with a high concentration and vending places that offer you information about the plants. Don’t go for the cheap stuff.

Local fish from Fuerteventura is a great opportunity to enjoy absolutely fresh and tasty fish. The ultimate dish is a “Pescado a la Sal” for min 2 people.

Papas arrugadas are wrinkled potatoes to accompany fish or meat dishes. You eat them with the skin.

Salsa Mojo is a mixture of olive oil, parsley, dried peppers and a lot of garlic. If it is too strong for you, then scoop of the oil and spread the oil onto your bread.

Tapas are small dishes to share or to eat alone. In this way you can have the pleasure of tasting several preparations without stressing your wallet.

Gofio is the local name for flour made from roasted cereals, like wheat, barley or certain varieties of maize. Gofio is a highly versatile product and is very rich in vitamins, proteins, fibre, and minerals. Try the Gofio mousse as dessert.

Olive oil: since a couple of years, some local farmers have started to plant olive trees and they are now harvesting the first significant crops. Thanks to the particular soil elements, the oil is of premium quality and a good souvenir.