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Wellness Lajares: Family Constellation and Therapy - Shaman - Hertie Valerie Böttger - Fuerteventura.


Hertie Valerie Böttger: Family Constellation & Therapy and Shaman for personal assistance - in Lajares.

Hertie-001introwebHertie Valeria offers a wide variety of solutions to personal issues with regards to interpersonal relationships or emotional wellbeing. In German and in Spanish.


Hello, my name is Hertie Valerie and I am a family therapist and shaman.
A family constellation is similar to a mobile, which is broken at one or more points, so that it is crooked. To rejoin the family again, I can help.

As a shaman I am a medium between the Earth and the Universe. Nevertheless, I am standing with both feet on the ground and have a lot of life experience, so nothing what can happen is strange to me.
I can help you a lot, but I cannot cure!
(Treatments are done in German or in Spanish)

Tel.: +34 680 370 302