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Klaus Berends: an artist in Tarajalejo - Fuerteventura.


Klaus Berends - Artist in Tarajalejo: an artist with commitment in Fuerteventura.



Klaus-Berends-foto-Klaus Berends is an artist who combines in his work (and even more in his personal attitude) four major elements which allow him to discover the right orientation of creativity: curiosity, observation, experimenting and imagination.

One night, Klaus furtively and risking his own life, came aboard the American Star and lit up the entire wreck with spots and a generator that he towed into the ship. With his sculptural concept "Air Reserves", Klaus gave another twist to his personal crusade to make us sensitive to the risks of our global and universal biosphere.


Mon+Fri: 11am - 2pm, Tue+Wed: 11am - 2pm, Thu: 6:60pm - 9:30pm
Tel.: 0034 928 872 093 & 605 229 307
C/Isidro Diaz - Tarajalejo

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