Restaurants Corralejo: Vegetarian - Baobab - Fuerteventura.


Restaurant & Juice Bar Casa Vegetariana Baobab: Vegetarian and Vegan dishes - in Corralejo.

Baobab-LogowebCinzia, Christina and Andrea are the owners of Baobab and are vegan for ethic reasons. They offer a wide variety of healthy and natural dishes, from breakfast till afternoon.




Open: Mon - Sat: 09 - 16h

The first vegan restaurant in Fuerteventura is in Corralejo, adjacent to the children's playground. Here, Cinzia, Cristina and Andrea, vegan by their ethical choice, offer a unique gastronomic experience: healthy, tasty vegan dishes prepared with natural, organic and "cruelty-free" products for people who are aware of and give attention to their physical and mental wellbeing.

At Baobab you can start your day with croissant, gluten-free cupcakes, cakes of integral biological flour with home-made marmalades, smoothies, live fruit and vegetable drinks, vegetable milk drinks and super food, infusions, detox water, coconut water, followed by a selection of real vegan and tasty dishes, in perfect balance with taste, colours and ingredients. We offer a way to understand that vegan food is not a sacrifice, but joy.
One who saves a life, saves the entire world
The Baobab is the key.